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Trahana Lunxhëria, a production of popular alimentary products master, is a traditional food vastly used in Lunxhëria and everywhere. A product which, more than in any other time before, has a great value today, where foods, products, groceries and vegetables, and anything else involved in the market economics, are stimulated, injected to mature faster, to add in weight, or easier said, to be tainted in hormones. In the midst of this amalgam, TRAHANA LUNXHËRIA is recommended as the clearest, most popular, most used, light on the body, simple in preparation, and over all good and tasty food. This is not an advertisement for the Trahana, because with the clients inside and outside the country, it doesn’t need advertisement.

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TRAHANA LUNXHERIA - History, Tradition, Product

Trahana Lunxheria Spot

The preparation of Rice Flour

“Trahana Lunxhëria” is well known today in the Albanian market and further as a handicraft product, a traditional food, very tasty, light, fast in preparation, the kind of food that can be consumed in every meal of the day, especially in the morning. It is a very sought for and tasty product.

Trahana Lunxheria

A plate of Trahana, with a little butter or olive oil, some cheese at the top, some Trendelina, is everything that we need to start the day by being efficiently and qualitatively fed.

The Region of Lunxheria

The natural products of Lunxhëria come with totally different taste, as also the dishes with them, are totally different from many other places and even of the other regions around us.