The mastermind behind the preparation technology of “Trahana Lunxhëria” is the unforgettable Lunxhiot daughter Madalena Noti (Zerva), with her father from Selcka and the mother from Stegopuli. She knew how to intertwine in this activity, her knowledge as a technologist with her cooking experience as an amazing housewife. She got married with Kiço Noti from Mingul, the son of Perikli and Froso Noti, and they have two children, her daughter who has studied for Linguistics and lives in the USA, and her son who has studied for Law, is married and has two children. Kiço tells us, “When I got married with Madalena, we lived in Tirana. She has worked in different enterprises until 1990, and afterwards we have worked together in trading and started the production of the trahana until she passed away in 2006. I have worked in different enterprises in Tirana, since 1974 until 1990, when I started to trade different articles in retail until 1995.

In this year we had the idea to produce the traditional trahana according the lunxhiot tradition that is inherited in generations. We discussed this as a family, where the mother, who since the early passing of the father lived with me in Tirana, and my wife were willing for such a thing to happen and this is how we started to produce small amounts which were sold very fast in the shop where we also traded other alimentary items. Then we had many requests for more production since this was a quality product that was produced in the traditional and not industrial way. So, with the addition of more requests for consummation, we stopped trading other alimentary items and we dedicated ourselves totally to the production of the trahana, which we also started to trade in other grocery shops, beginning with Tirana. For our continuous longing of our Lunxhëria, we named our activity “Trahana Lunxhëria”. Now it covers over 80% of the Albanian market and further outside the Albanian border, where many Albanians live.

The Song: Lunxhëria, dedicated to Madalena Noti

This is the simple story of the beginning of the success of “Trahana Lunxhëria”, an economical activity that honors everyone, not only by the chosen name, but firstly by its quality and preference that grows every day in the alimentary market. It is also our pride that Trahana Lunxhëria, managed by our townsman Kiço Noti, is preferred in every Lunxhiot family, in every Albanian family, inside and outside the borders, with requests even beyond the sea. These lines are not an advertisement for “Trahana Lunxhëria”. Such a product doesn’t need advertisement, because whoever has tried it, knows its value and does not separate it anymore from the formula. It’s a respect for Kiço Noti and his family, for these handy people who honor the name of our Lunxhëria, increase its values by faithfully walking in the beautiful tradition that was inherited from their predecessors, our predecessors. Many Lunxhiot families make their own trahana, whereas Kiço Noti makes it for every Albanian family and this is his undeniable merit, for which we are very appreciative to him and we ought to be.