The region of Lunxhëria is an ethnographic region, with its distinct clothing, which stretches along Mount Lunxhi in front of Gjirokastra. Lunxhëria is part of the ancient Albanian regions for which the French consul of Ali Pasha, Francois Pouqueville says that, “Lunxhëria was inhabited by Christian Albanians that made an ancient aboriginal population with a Pelazgian descent, settled there before the ancient Hellenistic tribes.” What is noted in the registers of the ex. French consul had to do with the great abilities of the Lunxhiots and their talent in many fields. Over all, he highlighted the values they had in agriculture, building, craftsmanship, etc., by artistically passing the traditions of this large region. But, as the men of the region went into immigration, forced by the economical conditions, the women of Lunxhëria region, step by step followed these values, by passing them on to these days in younger generations.

Mobile trading gave an entirely new dimension to Luxhëria, an innovation which is embraced today from the heirs of the most important Lunxhiot families. Except our history, culture and inheritance, we Lunxhiots need to be proud of our products and special, traditional dishes too. Everything that is produced and flourishes in Lunxhëria, is known by everyone for their special taste and this not only inside the country, but also from the foreigners. When Lord Byron walked through Lunxhëria and settled in Labovë of the Cross, Qestorat, and elsewhere, in the midst of other foods, of course they offered him the Lunxhiot pie with lettuces, with cerepulice inside, spices and lots of other ingredients. He enjoyed them so much, as he wrote in his memories, that he asked the hostess how did she cook such a tasty pie, and he wrote down all its components and ingredients.

When he came back in London, he told his mother to cook him such a thing, as it was written in the list. Of course, as he was in a family of Lords, they could’ve put inside it many other ingredients, but when Byron tried to eat it, he told them, “Thank you, but it’s not like the pie I had in Lunxhëria…” Of course it wasn’t. And not only the pie but also the other dishes. The natural products of Lunxhëria have a totally other taste, as their dishes are totally different from those of many other places, and even from other regions around us. The Lunxhiots Kiço and Madalena Noti regarded this reality in which each one of us is brought up in the villages of our origin, when they started producing the Lunxhiot trahana.